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New India Convent School has taught my grandson not only about academics but also so much about himself. The school model allows him to explore his thoughts and ideas– through both successes and failures – pushing him beyond his own preset boundaries. The teachers celebrate his successes and steadfastly stand by his side with support when it is needed. It’s a wonderful environment to grow in.
Ram Kumar Saini

I chose New India Convent School four years ago for my daughters Divya and son Dipesh with high expectations of getting the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities. I am not disappointed at all. NICS has delivered more than my expectations. Caring teachers who are committed to advancing their own knowledge as well as that of our . Thanks to the management.
Dinesh Kumar

All the success and merits of our children are dedicated to their teachers. I am really delighted to hear Children feedback always. The entire credit for My kid’s performance in their exams and class goes to all their subject teachers . NIC School has been a great support not only in terms of imparting knowledge but also in generating confidence and expression . Our sincere gratitude for all teachings and affection showered upon children in class throughout this difficult time which is truly commendable and beyond the expression of words.
Surender Kumar

NIC School is like a breath of fresh air in the education environment of today. The curriculum is full of experiential learning including audio- visual teaching aids. The teachers love the children so much that the children wish to go to school. The education system ensures all round development of the children. I have seen a big positive change in my children ever since they joined The New India Convent School Mirzapur, Hisar.
Adv. Rajesh

The change in my kids since starting at New India Convent School is nothing short of transformational. Not only do they love school again, they are also becoming more independent, persistent and thoughtful, all the while absolutely loving going to school. I am confident that the emphasis on project-based learning, collaboration, creativity, technology and a growth mindset is the best preparation possible for the 21st century job market.
Bajrang Sharma

I would also like to thank NICS staff and management for all their support and cooperation this whole time by keeping our children motivated through different virtual activities and brightening their future in these tough and uncertain times.

New India Convent School is unlike any school. They’ve done their own research and understand that children learn best by questioning, creating, and applying knowledge. Through many student-inspired projects and an interdisciplinary curriculum, my children are learning to be passionate, curious, creative, and innovative. NICS knows how to keep the children wanting to learn more.
Anju Bala

The minute he started at New India Convent School, which was at 3 years, we saw changes in his independence and confidence. He loves his school teachers and talks about them to this day, As an educator and parent, I can tell you, my husband and I are so very pleased with New India Convent School’s methods of teaching. We are truly delighted with how our child is embraced, nurtured, and supported by the staff and teachers. Our child is excited to go to school and learn new things each day. The teaching methods and philosophy along with a great staff has allowed my children to excel both academically and personally.
Rakhi Saini

New India Convent School Finally, a school that actually understands how children learn. Gone are the days of 45 minute lectures, endless worksheets, and sitting still at your desk with pen pencil in hand. At NICS, it feels much more like a exploring campus for students. When you see passionate children engaged in project-based learning, you realize NICS isn’t just the kind of school you wish you had as a kid, it’s the only type of school that actually takes into consideration how children genuinely learn, above all my both children love their school.
Sharmila Rana

I am very pleased to sent my daughter to NIC School. Every day is enjoyable for her, with different activities to stimulate her mind and help with her development. She come back smiling and is always to go back next morning. The premises is clean and well equipped. Teachers are well trained and doing their job excellently. I would highly recommend this school to other parents too.

We just love New India Convent School the teachers are amazing and all the staff is so awesome my daughters coming here and I could not ask for a better place clean. Our daughters loves their class and their teachers I always trust that they take such great care of them .Thanks NICS.
Manju Devi

All the teachers and staff are so loving and personable. My daughter learns something very new and innovative here. I am so beyond grateful to be a part of this beautiful campus and blessed that my daughter loves her school.

I am happy with the system of the school. It is a very fine motivation to children. Appreciate the Moto God is teacher and teacher is God.

At NIC School, students not only learn about various subjects in a content- rich manner but more importantly, they use the subjects as a backdrop to develop ideas, frameworks, applications, as well as analytical problem solving skills. The mix of group activities coupled with independent learning and project time teaches the students responsibility and self-agency. To put is simply: they grow into motivated, independent, focused and curious lifelong learners and creators.

My daughter has been going here since her 3rd standard. I have see this school develop from a fledgling and blossom into a wonderful educational institution. My daughter has developed into a wonderful child in this cradle of knowledge and I wish the school further success and laurels.
Sumitra Devi

School is amazing .I love the way they teach. We heard all about the dynamic way the teachers deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much. Thank you so much NICS, I don’t regret the admission of my daughter here

New India School is one of the most innovative schools in Area. The staff is very cooperative and helpful. The school has a balanced approach towards co-curricular and academics. I personally like my son’s teacher who has an excellent approach towards her teaching practices.
Vijay Pal

NICS always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents. My son loves having his great teachers that are nurturing and fun and at the same time encourage growth. He loves his friends and all the fun learning activities. NICS is also a safest place for my child. I know that when I drop him off he’s going to have a great day and there is no worry on my part.
Sunil Kumar