Before twenty years ago Mr. Subhash Sharma a tiny seed was sown in the shape and form  “New India Convent School” which today has grown into a full fledged blooming Tree, now situated on Mirzapur Road, Hisar.



The medium of instruction adopted by the school is primarily English. A very special attention is given to Hindi our national Language however importance is given to English. Sanskrit is the third language.


  The school is situated in Mirzapur 9 k.m. stone from Hisar.


Aim of The School

 The motto of the school is “GOD is the teacher of all of us.” In this school student are not only student, we treat with them like a own children and trained to them. They may be success in every field of like social, religious etc. activities. Education is such weapon that can win whole problems. Our unique system of teaching make the foundation strong of students that they become capable to solve all problems. Our mission is to education is to educate the society.